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Create professional-quality virtual tours.

Panotour ProOverview

Panotour Pro enables you to create professional-quality, highly-customized virtual tours in minutes.

Zero programming - Panotour revolutionizes the creation of interactive virtual tours by freeing you from programming tasks. Everything is done in a few clicks using the software's intuitive interface.

Multiple formats accepted - You can add and create interactions between images of any size (up to 360° x 180°) and almost all graphic formats (JPG, PNG, PSD/PSB, KRO, TIFF and RAW files from most cameras).

Customizable layout

- The Panotour interface is customizable. You can enable or disable certain components, move them or even turn them into independent windows.


New Features

  • Backup project files - A new general option in the settings allows you to create a backup timestamped version of your project file each time you save it, allowing you to archive automatically your work.
  • Polygonal hotspots are now working on HTML5 player
  • PanotourMaps plugin - Add support of Yandex maps layer
  • Social Share plugin
    • Add support of Digg, Tumblr, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon
    • Add possibility to resize the buttons displayed in the plugin
    • Add possibility to display the iframe code to embed the tour
  • Enhanced start options - Add new start options to hide hotspots, pause sounds and pause autorotation when the splashscreen is displayed
  • Mouse cursor - Ability to enable/disable the default and dedicated mouse cursor
  • Tooltips - Add support of rounded edges for tooltips
  • Double Click plugin - Add possibility to zoom in on double click
  • Gyroscope plugin - Support Android Chrome, Android Firefox and Windows Phone / IE11
  • FPS plugin - This new plugin available in Panotour Pro allows you to display the Frame rate (Frames per second) of your tour
  • New action : display a Web video - This action allows you to display a video hosted on Vimeo directly from a spot, a button or any other action caller.
  • Context menu can be displayed on touch devices - Press and hold your finger to make the context menu appear. You can disable context menu on touch device with an option in Context Menu plugin.
  • The regression that broke the panorama and group placement at each project opening is now fixed. Panoramas and groups are positioned correctly.


  • HTML templates enhancements - We added some internal templates that ease the creation of HTML templates. But all your previous custom HTML templates have to be upgraded using new internal templates. Simply have a look at the templates delivered with Panotour Pro to know the changes you need to do in your custom templates.
  • Gyroscope and Gyroscope buttons in control bars - We added the possibility to enable/disable the gyroscope feature based on the kind of device on which the tour is displayed. Additionally, the button that enables/disables the gyroscope on mobiles and tablets, did the opposite of what it should have done. This bug was not noticeable until we did some changes in the gyroscope management templates. So we changed all the control-bars delivered with Panotour/Panotour Pro to fix their Gyro buttons. If you are using custom control bars and if these bars use a Gyro button based on ours you'll have to change the code of this button.
  • Use new krpano panorama player version 1.18.1 - Tours generated with Panotour Pro 2.3 version use last krpano 1.18.1 version.


  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite will be supported in Panotour Pro 2.4 release. Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.4 version when released will run on:
    • OS X 10.8 or later
    • Windows 7 or later
    • Ubuntu 14 or later

Panotour ProInformation

File Size
86.3 MB
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
  • OS X 10.7.5 or later
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